All Your Customer Data. Together.

We have a ton of data, but we can’t use it.

The problem for marketers isn’t lack of data or access, it’s transformation. Customers are interacting with your brand across different channels, data is disjointed and connections are nonexistent. Lytics enables marketers to transform vast amounts of data to build a 360º profile on each customer and improve the customer experience across every channel.

Consumers Expect Real-Time Smart Interaction.

Many of today's analytics systems are designed to analyze data and generate reports. Lytics is the first customer data platform designed for marketers to build a true 360º customer profile. Now marketers can create individualized experiences for each consumer based on their unique behaviors and preferences. Use Lytics to identify new audience opportunities and execute real-time marketing.

Consumers Demand Smart Cross-Channel Brand Behavior.

Automation is difficult across channels, but consumers demand a seamless brand experience. With Lytics, marketers finally have the 360º customer profile to orchestrate a great consumer experience across all the marketing channels. Use Lytics for lifecycle marketing and engagement across channels.

Marketers Own the Data.

Marketers now own the data, but they are challenged to work with existing databases that are not marketer-friendly and don’t integrate easily with their current set of marketing tools. It’s time to stop spending budget on IT-centric data projects and focus instead on building a dynamic customer data set to support customer-centric marketing.

With Lytics, we can finally create a customer record that you don't need a PhD to understand. Lytics gives our global marketing organization meaningful intelligence about our customers and makes it even easier to orchestrate a great experience, with our current marketing tools.

Jascha Kaykas Wolff, CMO of Bittorrent